Saturday, October 21, 2006

Blah Madonna.

Madonna adoption plans trigger broad backlash

Did you really think I could resist writing about one of my least favorite people ever?

My problems with this issue have nothing to do with the father wanting the child back (does he even?) or whatever...

Actually, it partly is.

"Madonna's supporters point out that she is donating considerable time and money to Malawi and that, on balance, the boy stands to gain.

'Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan and Mia Farrow have done it too, drawing criticism of rich celebrities, western arrogance, racism and fashionably cute babies. But surely what counts most is the happiness of one child?' Britain's Guardian newspaper wrote in an editorial."

Excuse me. The boy wouldn't be happy with his natural father? Does the Guardian or anyone else have some kind of proof that the parent is an abuser or etc.?

Go to hell, Guardian. You hacks.

What the hell is with the implication that Madonna would be a better parent because she's wealthy, white, and rich? Eff that shit. If these reasons decided whom could best take care of the kid and not biology, wouldn't a lot of lower- and middle-class parents have their children taken away from them and given to rich couples? So people really want to set that precedent?

My main problem is that Madonna decides on a fricken whim that she wants to adopt a child, and poof! It happens. While other parents--who do not already have children!--have to wait years and have their entire life investigated and etc., etc.

Also: "Malawian law bans adoptions by non-residents, but officials are granting an exemption to Madonna."


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Studio 60.

Readers: We're still high on 'Studio 60'

Please let this article be true.

I had a nightmare last night that Studio 60 was going to be canceled. No more Bradley Whitford every week? Nooooo!

Please start watching this show!