Saturday, February 28, 2009

<3 Adam Lambert.

Hahaha. So this guy, Adam Lambert, is in the top 12 of American Idol. And this is a *tame* video.

Oh, please, please, let him win! It would be hilarious. I love him.

Do you think he'll appear on American Idol one night dressed like this?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This little guy was decorating Geneva during its Winterfest. President Obama-snow! Cute!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Jennifer Hudson is so good.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bush league.

And why wasn't James Harrison ejected from the game? Oh, right, because it's the Steelers.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another fixed Super Bowl!

Oh, surprise. The Pittsburgh Steelers win another fixed Super Bowl! That's usually how the dirtiest team in football does it.

Love how the Steelers hold on nearly every other play and never got called on it.

Love how the refs conveniently didn't call a penalty on the Steelers player who thought he was LeBron James and was using the ball like a prop, a la "the chalk," after a touchdown. That should have been a 15-yard penalty.

Love how one camera angle clearly shows that the Steelers guy (I don't care about his name, because he can...well, that's going too far) never touched his second foot down on that last touchdown, and yet, of course, the call goes their way.

Love how the announcers show NO OBJECTIVITY and are clearly Steelers fans.

Love how Kurt Warner got called for a fumble on that last play, even though HE WAS CLEARLY THROWING THE BALL FORWARD, making it an incomplete pass that should have still been the Cardinals ball.

Love how James Harrison, "Mr. 'Defensive Player of the Year'" was BEATING on that Cardinals player like he was a UFC fighter or something. Fucker should have been THROWN OUT OF THE DAMN GAME. Sorry, punching on a guy when he's down, then he gets up, and then punching him back down? AFTER THE PLAY!!! COME ON.

But, dirty behavior is par the course for the Steelers.

Interesting enough, here's the blog entries I posted the last time the Pittsburgh Thugs won the Super Bowl. (Note who I wanted to play half-time in 2006, and who played it in 2009?)

From MONDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2006:

    ...I haven't been this disappointed by a defeat since that putz Kerry blew the presidential election. I'm not much of a Seahawks fan, but as a Northeast Ohioan, it's my duty to root for anyone but the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can bet everyone I watched the game with was in Browns gear. I find it interesting that every damn call went to the Steelers, even a v. questionable "touchdown" by them in the first half.

    I want to work for Budweiser. Their commercials were all ace. Cute or hilarious and positively clever, all of them.

    All Super Bowl commercials can be found here. My three favorites, in order:Do you know what needs to stop? Damn washed up, old British "rockers" playing the effing Super Bowl. Last year Paul McCartney and this year the Rolling Stones? No. Just no. Having the Rolling Stones was especially an insult to Detroit, the home of Motown. Mick Jagger needs to just die already. ("He is dead. Don't you know it's just someone pulling the strings?" -- said by a friend of the Brother's). Mick Jagger's "dancing" makes me want to vomit. Get effing Bon Jovi or The Boss to play, man. Get people to perform at the Super Bowl who actually know what the hell football is and who could actually still even hold a damn football.
From TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 07, 2006:
    I love the hijinks of rival fans.

    This weekend me, my brother, and some of his classmates went to the Kent State vs. Akron basketball game. Not only is Akron our biggest rival, but before this weekend, we both also happened to be tied for first place. Needless to say, it was a big game. I was worried for a bit, but we won 63-57. Woot. Good effing game. Crowd of 6500+. That's over sell-out.

    That Akron. They think they are so clever. A bunch of Akron students (read: 180 of them) tried to pose as KSU students. They all came to the game wearing blue Kent shirts and tried to sit in our student section. The ticket people were wise, though, because they knew that KSU students always wear the gold, not the blue. So they made them change seats.

    I, however, had never really been to a game and didn't know this. I saw all of these students in blue shirts cheering Kent, and then after the first time-out, I saw that these students were all cheering for Akron. I was, like, wtf, did I imagine them cheering for Kent earlier? No. During the time-out they had switched their shirts inside out, and they now read things like "Can't Read, Can't Write, Can't Beat Us" etc. (Kent/Can't, right? They didn't invent that.) But we did beat them. So there.

    Rivalries are fun. When the Akron players' names were read, our band all pretended to read newspapers. It was funny.

    As a treat, I will share some more rivalries.

    Harvard University Says: "We Suck."--A group of Yale students hijack a Harvard game when they display placards that spell out "WE SUCK" instead of the traditional "GO HARVARD."

    "Steelers fans roam free inside Browns territory."--The Browns vs. Pittsburgh rivalry is the stuff of legend. A friend asked me if it were acceptable for a Browns fan to root for the Steelers during the Super Bowl, and I told her ABSOLUTELY NOT. If any Browns fan did, move out of the state. Now. All of these Pittsburgh fans are coming out of the woodwork now that they've "won" the Super Bowl, though. This article talks about Pittsburgh fans hanging out in Cleveland bars.

    Here's the most relevant excerpt, that cracks me up (Potopski is a Steelers fan):
      Miller, the waitress, came by with a round of drinks for Potopski's table.

      "They're from a Browns fan," she said.

      "Ah, vodka," said Potopski, raising his glass in a rare display of Browns-Steelers friendship.

      He took a sip.

      "This isn't vodka, it's water," he said. "Yep, that's a Browns fan for you."
    YEAH, PUNK. That is a Browns fan for you. So you were HANDED a Super Bowl win by the OFFICIALS who had Terrible Towels in their pockets instead of yellow flags. Whoopdedoo. Why don't you get the hell out of this state, ya damn traitors?

    "Browns fan who ran onto field in jail for Super Bowl"--"The fan who ran onto the field at Cleveland Browns Stadium during a Steelers-Browns game was sentenced Tuesday to spend Super Bowl weekend in jail." He should be glad he didn't have to watch the Steelers be handed a Super Bowl win by the referees.

YES, it's true again: The Steelers were handed a Super Bowl win by the referees.