Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I was flipping through channels, and I left it on C-Span. Okay, this is kind of sad. It's live footage of the U.S. House, and it must be some kind of memorial for Chief Justice Rehnquist.

But there are only 3 representatives on the floor (King, Gohmert, and Carter), plus someone who must be monitoring it (another represensentative, I think, but I don't know his name) and a transcriber.

That's shameful. And a bit sad for the people who are there.

ETA: Oh, four people now! A Representative Frank...who is getting on my nerves. He just said that in the years to come we'll see the decisions Rehnquist wrote the dissenting opinion on overturned...

My God, I hope not.

And he just said that we'll see that Rehnquist was ahead of his time! Dude, there is a reason why conservatives are called conservaties and liberals are called progressive. What planet is this guy from?

And they're all so proud that Rehnquist "never recognized the right to privacy." I'm dead serious. That's what they said.

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