Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The European Response.

My thoughts about the European response are best summed up by Ralph Peters in this editorial. Make note that I'm only going on record as agreeing with the portion of the article quoted below.

Relevant excerpt:

    As for our "friends" in Europe, they've been gloating over the tragedy that struck our country. If you follow the European media, the self-righteousness is disgraceful — and they're just plain mean.

    When the last water recedes, we may find that a few thousand Americans died in a great natural catastrophe. But two years ago, during a heat-wave, 25,000 elderly Europeans died unnecessarily in France, Italy and Germany while their political leaders, medical personnel and even their children went on vacation — and stayed on vacation. Katrina wasn't preventable, but those elderly deaths were.

    America has suffered terrible natural disasters. There'll be more in the future, and we need to be better prepared. But Europe's disasters — far worse than any of ours — have been made by human beings.

    I'll take America. On our worst day.

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