Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Cleveland Indians.

Dear Cleveland Indians,

WHAT THE EFFING EFF IS YOUR PROBLEM?!? This trade is bullshit. BULLSHIT. I HATE YOU, you CHEAP motherfuckers. I don't even call this bullshit a trade. I don't even know who those players you got ARE. I see you got $1 million, though. Yes, that sounds about right. You like to get money but you don't like to SPEND it. You'd rather have money than GOOD PLAYERS and CHAMPIONSHIPS. You do not deserve to win any games. Coco Crisp was an excellent player--and fans loved him! Every time you get good players, YOU TRADE THEM AWAY SO THEY CAN BECOME SUPERSTARS SOMEWHERE ELSE. Manny Ramirez, anyone? YOU SUCK. Why do Cleveland teams suck? The Browns do it, too. They traded four defensive linemen to Denver where they went on to the PLAYOFFS. I think you all get together and think of ways to SCREW THE FANS. You are STUPID and HATEFUL. I'm so DISGUSTED. I hope you miss the playoffs by a GAME again this year, and see if I come to any of your shit ass games.

No love,


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