Monday, January 23, 2006

Gone with the Wind: Don't Mess with a Good Thing.

...I was looking at the Gone with the Wind's message boards on , and there was a post dealing with "If GwtW were remade, who should be in the cast?"

I shouldn't have read it.

I already realized that the people there were mainly morons. They liked to get in "debates" about whether or not Rhett and Scarlett eventually reunite.

There is no debate. Of course they do. If you think otherwise, then you have completely misunderstood the characters and missed the point of the closing lines.

But I did read it. First of all, if there were ever a remake of GwtW...the world must have turned on its head. There is no reason to remake the most perfect film ever.

The story was perfect, the setting was perfect, but most of all, the casting was perfect. No one could ever replace Clark Cable or Vivien Leigh. It's not even worth discussing, because never will you find anyone suitable.

But those crazy kids did discuss it.

And one person seriously suggested the following:

"rhett: orlando bloom
scarlett: mischa barton or anne hathaway
melanie: amanda bynes or anne hathaway"

I want to cry at the hideousness of it.

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