Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Speaking of the Olympics.

Like most people, sure, I was impressed with the performance of the Chinese figure skating pair during their performance. If you don't remember, Zhang Dan (the woman) fell during a throw and was injured, but eventually the pair finished the routine and won the silver medal.

But not too impressed because, guess what, they fell in the first place. Although, I suppose I shouldn't be too harsh about that, because it was an unprecedented "throw quadruple Salchow." Whatever that is.

So, yes, I admire the athletes for getting back out there and putting on a great performance even though the woman must have been in pain. I think Zhang Dan showed amazing courage and perseverance. They (actually, she is) are what Olympian athletes should be.

I do, however, question whatever rule let them take a little time out before finishing their routine. Lots of skaters (and other athletes) fall during a performance, but never before have I seen someone be allowed to stop their performance, skate around the ice a few times, regroup, and come back and finish the routine. That does not seem right to me. What makes them so special? People get disqualified in speedskating for false starts, no do-overs for them, but figure skaters are allowed time-outs?

So, yes, impressed with the athletes, but not so much the institution. I think some changes in rules need to be made.

Interesting reading: "Jury is out on skating's latest judging system."

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