Saturday, June 03, 2006

Garage Sales!

The parents and I went garage saling today, one of my favorite things to do. We stopped at 21 of them. Yes, 21. I think I got some good deals!

What I bought (I'm not v. good at descriptions, so bear with me.):

    $2.00: One of those square cloth purses, usually you see them with Asian designs? Mine has a design of turquoise-colored flowers. Good for if you don't want to lug around a purse, like if you're at an amusement park or something.

    $1.00: A flower, silvertone bracelet from Avon. Adorable.

    $1.00: A ceramic elephant, a little less than a foot in height and length. V. cute decoration. The color of it reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    $1.25: Funny Face DVD (starring Audrey Hepburn). New! With lots of special features. What a deal!

    $.50: Wooden cat figurine.

    $.50: Old-fashioned fabric, stuffed cat.

    $.50: Set of Christmas dish towel, kitchen towel, and pot holder.

    $1.00: What-used-to-be a 12-setting silverware set, now has about 11-each of two different kinds of forks, two different kinds of spoons, butterknives, and two serving spoons, serving fork, one of those little butterknives, etc. In good condition, just needs cleaned. Yes, $1.00. Now I feel less guilty about the $50 dinnerware set I plan to buy, since I got a silverware set for $1.00. Yeah, I won't be using them my entire life, but they'll last until I (hopefully) have a bridal shower.
I think that's everything. The parents found some deals, too.

We also went over to Pymatuning Lake, to check out the prices for boat rentals. Some time soon we're renting a pontoon boat for a couple of hours, and then have a picnic.

And I'm irritated at Blogger. I want to change the look of my blog, the format, but the one I want to change it to isn't working right! Argh.


Nick said...

And how much did you waste on gas? Na garage sales are like thrifting but you get to meet cool people.'

PS: The check word I am supposed to type is: "ppyoga" The three old in me wants to laugh.

Stefanie said...

Haha. It was a street sale, so every sale was on the same road.

Nick said...

So a good excuse to get out and get some fresh air... Aahh

Stefanie said...

Well, I'm always outside! Nothing else to do out here in the Boonies--and I do live in the Boonies, even more than ((le soja)).

More street sales coming soon, woohoo!

Nick said...

Yeah I grew up in Amish country :D

Stefanie said...

Haha! I always tell my mom that I want to become Amish--at least for, like, a year.

Nick said...

You wouldn't like it :D But maybe it would be a good threat. Instead of to the commune say, "I am moving to an Amish House" That sounds like a bad reality-tv show on PBS. Amish House!

Stefanie said...

You don't know me enough to know if I would like it or not. I did grow up on a farm; I'm no city girl.

I think there was some kind of reality show about the Amish. Bit upsetting, really. It followed some Amish teens in that stage of life, can't remember the name, where they're allowed to live as "us" for a while--to determine if they wanted to stay Amish or not.