Monday, June 19, 2006

One Point for Intolerance.

Huh. I started to write a simple blog entry, responding to an article I read on the Internet, and I must feel more passionate about the issue then I realized, because it turned out to be quite the combative post. And that's why I'm not sharing it with anyone, because I wouldn't have the patience for anyone who disagreed with me (not that I know if anyone would). But it's one of those rare times that I feel like, if you disagree, you're an ignorant moron (yes, bad, I know). The more I would get upset about it in comments to people who felt otherwise, the more incoherent I would get, and so anyone who disagreed with me would feel like they "won."

I'm only sharing this story, because it's just interesting how simple things affect us. Like, why do we care so much about things that are mostly just theory, that don't even actually affect anyone all that much? Like, if you like the Steelers and I like the Browns, why should I feel like punching you in your smug face, when it doesn't really matter which football team you like, in the grand scheme of things? (And the issue was something political, not this silly thing! But no so silly to some people.)

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Nick said...

That's pretty common which is why I try to be careful on the internet.

There is a lot of, neener-neeener when it comes the war of ideolgy.

I know I feel it when I hear a consrvative rant. I am sure they feel the same way when I do.