Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Don't Save Screech's House.

...sometimes people MIND-BOGGLE me.

Remember Saved by the Bell and Screech? Well, now Screech a.k.a., the "comedian" and "actor" Dustin Diamond, wants us to pay $15 for a dumb-ass t-shirt so he can SAVE HIS HOUSE, a.k.a. MANSION.

I was watching The View (yes, really) and Dustin Diamond seriously came on the show and was all, "woe is me, help me save my house because I'm BROKE, blahblahblah." What, and the rest of us WORKING CLASS aren't broke? Why don't you just buy a house you can AFFORD like the rest of us?

For the basic story, read the article (and the scathing comments) here. Or you can read his boo-hoo side at his website (I feel dirty even linking there).

At first I was, like, what the hell? Then, for a moment, I pitied him (because he and his girlfriend lost their only child last year). Now I'm the point of, whoah! The nerve of celebrities, you know? They feel so entitled. They SCREW UP, and want us, the little people, to bail them out. The part that really burns me is how he tries to play it like HE'S the little guy getting screwed over. Um, no, you're not, guy. You got in over your head and now want to act like it's everyone else's fault.

I love this part: "'Let's face it, if he can't find the time to work on a mortgage for a famous celebrity, how will he handle the average person?'"



The man has no pride. I mean, how embarrassing to come on national TV and BEG like a dog in a manger.

If his "situation" happened to us "normal" people, we'd be screwed. No one would bail us out. And he should be no different, because if you buy his t-shirt, don't delude yourself into thinking he cares one bit about you or would help you out of a pinch. That's the part to remember, if you start to feel sorry for or empathetic with him. One moment he's saying he's just like us; the next moment he wants to use his celebrity. I'm not buying. You have problems just like us? Then deal with them just like us. Not making any money being a stand-up comedian? Then realize YOU AREN'T FUNNY and move on. Also? Dustin Diamond doesn't get to label his OWN t-shirts "potential cult-classics." He doesn't get to be the determiner of that.

Ah, I love the smell of righteous indignation in the morning. Next thing you know, Urkel will want help paying for his yacht!

But, seriously now, kids. What a CLIFFHANGER!!! I hate those. I am biting my nails over here! Will we have to wait until next season to find out if ZACK saves the day for Screech again? Will Screech hear a lecture from Mr. Belding about the importance of saving money? Will Lisa Turtle finally go with him to the spring dance?!? Tune in next week (or year?!?), on Saved by the Bell Screech's House.

And Christ! Could people just GET OVER IT and let gay people marry ALREADY?

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vlasta216 said...

Craziness, I say. Yeah, I could be needing $500/month from ppl to save my apartment, but NO I have to get a JOB...

Stefanie said...

Yes, don't buy a $500,000 house in Wisconsin (which would get a hell of a lot more elsewhere) if you can't afford it...

Nick said...

Hahahaha SNORT WEEEZ HAHAHAHA WEEEZ.. Okay okay I am done laughing now.

Your rants are awesome.

Madison Wisconsin is cheap. Not Milwaukee.

Stefanie said...

Thank you. I try.

I've read posts where people from the area he lives in have commented, and they've agreed that a $500,000 house is outrageous for the area. His house is v. expensive for the area.