Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bitter Blood-Fued.

I'm rather proud of myself. Both yesterday and today I work-out with Pilates for 40 minutes. Woohoo. I love my Pilates ball. Seriously, one of the moves is just bouncing on it. How fun is that?

I wish I didn't have to work on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, as the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame has free admission tomorrow. I still want to view the Clash exhibit.

Two of my cats, The Brat and Mello Yello, are engaged in a bitter blood-fued. They are both males, so they've never been best friends, but they've always at least tolerated each other. Lately, though...

I first noticed it on New Year's. I went to let The Brat outside (he's an indoor/outdoor cat; the others are strictly outdoor), and when I opened the door, he saw Mello Yello sitting on the porch. The Brat started growling when he saw Mello! I was, like, okay, tough, Brat, you have to go outside, and had to give him a little shove to get outside! Usually he runs outside to his food pan once the door is open.

And so this little behavior has continued, with the Brat freaking out if I open the door and he sees Mello Yello waiting--even if The Brat is a couple of feet away from the door. I think it's entirely one-sided, though, because Mello Yello doesn't seem to care what The Brat does (although, he did give him a swat after one of The Brat's "I'm refusing to go outside" episodes, because it is annoying).

And now I notice that The Brat is more eager to come inside, too. If I open the door, he tries rushing in and I have to open the door just a crack to grab him quick to wipe his paws. Usually, I have to call and call and cajole him to get him to come inside.

So today the cats got some really nice leftovers for dinner. I opened the door to let The Brat out, and he was being his slow self, so I picked him up and put him outside, but he just tried to run back in, and I tried to push him back out, but he was acting so pathetic and weird and I was, like, okayyyyy, because Mello Yello wasn't even on the porch and it was food time, and The Brat is a freak for food. So I let him come back inside.

But then ten minutes later, I figure the others are done eating so maybe The Brat would like a turn, so I carry him to the door, and before I even open it, he starts hissing and growling! So I fed him regular cat food inside instead. Now he's sleeping on my bed. I told him he has to go out eventually, because he doesn't have an indoor litterpan.

I don't know what his problem is with Mello Yello. Mello Yello is just a big 'ole softie. Well...not really. He's been in quite a few scraps, protecting the homestead. But he wouldn't hurt The Brat, much.

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