Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Change.

I've noticed that since I've graduated from college, I've put on more weight than I'd like. There's no convenient gym for me to visit at home, and I'm just not as active or motivated anymore. And since I'm already a chubby person to begin with...well. It's not a good thing. Even when I did go to the gym, it was still hard to lose weight because I was at college eating college food (but, really, I think I mostly ate healthy foods).

So...I've been feeling glum about my weight and looks and general lifestyle lately, so I made a v. impulsive purchase yesterday. I still can't believe it; I usually agonize over decisions. I was telling my mom to buy the Today's Special Value on QVC yesterday, which was a a month of the NutriSystem program. She said "Why don't you buy it." So I did. And I'm not going to say the price, but it was cheaper than the one advertised on TV, etc., because it was a) through QVC and b) the Today's Special Value. If I were living by myself and had to buy my own food, I think this offer of NutriSystem would be *cheaper* than buying a month of groceries.

So I should get the package sometime around Jan. 14. I don't think I get to pick my own food or anything, because it's a special package just for QVC-members. The program is three meals a day plus snacks plus sometimes desserts. I have weekends-off, meaning I get to eat whatever I want. So I'm going to try it for a month and see what happens.

Since I'm "dieting" (although I don't really think it's a "diet," because I'm not eating *less,* I'm just eating different foods; it's a "weight loss strategy" with foods that speed up your metabolism), I figure I should work-out more, too. My mom has a stationary bike plus one of those Gliders, so I will try using them more. Plus, I want to buy this Pilates kit at K-Mart, which is on sale. If I dropped only one pantsize, I would feel rejuvenated.

And no comments like "You look fine" or etc. to make me feel better when those comments would be a) untrue and b) irrelevant, because it's how I *feel* about myself more than what I actually look like.

I have a funny story about the Brat and his new friend (which no one would ever guess), but I'll save it for another post.


[.chickadees.on.the.pavemen7] said...

I know what yr saying-- it's about how you feel rather than how others perceive you. People will always say "you look fine" b/c they don't want to tip you off into anorexia or hurt yr feelings. For instance, I can tell when I have gained weight not by looking at the scale, but by my energy levels, etc. Working out is addictive, though. You just have to get into it, which is the hard part. Once you do that, you'll feel "off" when you don't hit the gym/treadmill/whatever. I think it's easiest to be fit when you take workout classes. They motivate you more b/c yr with a group that's struggling through the same routine. Also, it makes yr workout less monotonous. Doesn't the community center offer classes? I know they have a decent gym (my dad was a member + he used to take me). But even if yr on yr own, you can still do it. It'll take a bit, but soon you'll become an addict!

Stefanie said...

Oh, I know working out is addictive. I loved going to the gym at college...The community center even has a sign advertising their work-out classes. I always wanted to look into their gym, but I resisted because it's admitting that I'm going to be living here for who-knows-how-long.