Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jane Eyre.

I just finished watching parts one and two of the new Jane Eyre miniseries (yea for DVR), and it is fabulous.

I love the woman playing Jane (Ruth Wilson); she's not too pretty, not too plain. I love her expressions.

I can't wait until the rest next Sunday, because obviously that's the best part with all of the drama and etc.

I think this adaptation is the best Jane Eyre I've seen--but then, they have a lot more time to work with! I was smiling like a fool during the scene where Jane tells Rochester she has to leave for two weeks, and they argue over the money and Jane is smiling and eeeee!

Ugh. I made the mistake of reading some of the message boards on about the movie. I should have known better, though, because every discussion, about any movie or TV show, dissolves into how horrible American movies/actors/people etc., etc., etc. are. I just want to read about a movie. Thanks.

Now someone needs to make a great version of Wuthering Heights (my favorite novel of all time). I love the one with Laurence Olivier, but it's not really Wuthering Heights. The other versions aren't worth mentioning.

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