Friday, March 02, 2007

Gone for a year...

Interesting happenings at Kent State University, my Alma mater, lately.

Professor accused of writing jihad blog

The Web site in question, because it mentions the link in the print version of the Daily Kent Stater, but I don't see the sidebar in the online version: Global War.

The blog that started the hoopla by Mike Adams.

I'm disturbed by some of the comments to this blog. Don't mess with KSU, punks.

For example, this comment:

    "For all interested. I'm from the Cleveland area and a local talk show host, Bob Frantz spent the morning stirring this one up. He's looking at some ways to go after the University.


    Many callers arguing that Pino has the freedom of speech right to call for Jihad against America.

    Caller claimed to be a grad student and teacher at the University who is seriously considering not returning next semester if Kent sticks to defending the Pino.

    Frantz stated that in an article in the Kent Stater newspaper, Pino referred to his students as "My beloved Taliban".

    Frantz is calling for alumnus to quit contributing to the school and for parents to consider pulling their kids out.

    44 posted on 03/01/2007 10:27:54 AM PST by mmichaels1970"
Go after the university? What the hell, people.

And this gem:
    "Sounds like Kent State needs another visit from the National Guard

    Crosby Stills Nash & Young need another hit record.

    42 posted on 02/28/2007 7:58:22 PM PST by WKB"
Classy. < / sarcasm >

I don't know enough about the situation to comment regarding Pino, but I just don't appreciate anyone attacking Kent State.

One thing, though. I believe in free speech, but when does free speech become actions? Is this classroom account (third paragraph from the bottom of the page) true? If so, has Pino crossed more than just a boundary of free speech? I'm bothered by this alleged set up of a student.

But, yeah. Unless he's done something illegal, I don't support firing him. Get real. If professors were fired for trying to shame a student about their religion or force their beliefs on students, quite a few of the professors at Kent State would be fired. In one of my English classes, there was only one self-identified Christian, because we were actually ASKED in an ENGLISH class, and she constantly had to defend herself and her views from the professor. In an ENGLISH class. I was embarrassed and angry for her. It goes both ways, that freedom of religion thing. Especially when it has nothing to do with what we're supposed to be learning.


markedmanner said...

I have much more on this story at my blog here:

Stefanie said...

Your blog is subtitled "Putting A Mark On The Manner Of Jihad"? I appreciate the link, but I'd much rather read an unbiased account of the situation.