Sunday, June 17, 2007


Note to self: no day baseball games.

Except I'm going to another one today.

It was hot yesterday at the Indians vs. Braves game. The sun was shining right on us the entire game. I found it hard to concentrate. Everyone got free bucket hats, so they were nice and useful. The Indians need to get rid of that Chief Wahoo logo, though. Geez.

We had pretty good seats, though, right by the Braves bull pen and left field foul line. I enjoyed watching John Smoltz of the Braves warm up - he's such a legend. Only three players are left from when we saw them 12 years ago in Atlanta: Andruw Jones, Chipper Jones, and Smoltz. Eddie Perez, who was always Greg Maddox's (another legend) catcher is now a bull pen coach. That's cool. When I waved to him, he waved back.

The Indians lost 6 - 2. : ( When the score was 2 - 2, the Indians second baseman fumbled the ball a bit on aan easy play, and the Braves hitter was safe at first. The guy sitting in front of us threw down his hat in digust. What an overreaction! My mom and I busted out laughing. The Indians got the third out on the next play, so come down. I get pissed at home watching a game, but it's not like this game is do-or-die.

There were a lot of Braves fans there. They both have the same colors, the red and blue, so it was hard to tell who was rooting for who at times!

And then our section was on the big Scantron for an uncomfortably long time! Smile and wave?

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