Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Various musing.

The other day I encountered an information booth run by an anti-women’s rights group (they proclaimed themselves as "pro-life," or some other rot).

Shock of shocks, the only people sitting at the booth were four old, white men. I’m glad they’re on top of the whole making-my-decisions-for-me thing.

Ugh. I would love to start some sort of feminist group in this county, to counter this bullshit, but I have no idea what we would do. Also, while I firmly believe there would be women who would want to join, I think it would be hard to reach them and hard to inform them and get them to actually come to events/meetings. I wouldn’t want to run this group, but I want to be a member of it. I think we have a League of Women Voters, though. And Zonta, of course. But they aren’t really the same thing as a "feminist" group. It's really not such a bad idea; I could create a Web site and facebook group...


I had intended to register as an Independent in the next primary election, but, as usual when I try to make this decision, something stops me. I want to be part of a community! I want to attend events like Yearly Kos. I want to volunteer for someone’s campaign. But I can’t if I’m an Independent (well, I can, but..). There’s no sense of community if you’re an "Independent" - it’s inherent in the word. Yes, I am disappointed in the (majority) of the current crop of elected Democrats. But declaring myself as an "Independent" isn’t going to change anything (well, it is taking a stance, though, and declaring my frustration). The most prominent Democrat activists, such as the bloggers at AMERICAblog and DailyKos, are liberal. It’s just hard to elect someone who is as liberal or progressive as us, because most people - Democrats and Republicans - are moderate. They don’t like extremes. The conservatives are better at getting extremists elected. They know how to band together, how to motivate their base. So, for now, I think it’s more important to stick together. Maybe.

P.S. Who knew? Someone to aspire to: Eleanor Smeal.

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