Monday, September 03, 2007

"How do you dream, when you can't fall asleep?"

My mom and I watched Becoming Jane in the movie theater today. All of my favorite authors in those times, Jane Austen, the Brontes, led such tragic lives. Of course, I'm sure most of this movie is speculation, but there were letters in Jane Austen's real life, leading me to think the basis of this movie isn't entirely radical, and she did die rather young, at least by our standards.

I hope no one ever makes a movie of the three Bronte sisters - that would be too depressing for words. All three of them die young, and within several years of each other (and their brother). Emily died shortly after she published Wuthering Heights. God, can you even imagine what else she could have written?

Anyway, the movie was good. Of course, I love those old England period pieces. I'm in the middle of watching the BBC's Persuasion miniseries from...geez, probably the '70s. I can't wait until the new adaptions air - sometime this year! I heart the BBC.

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