Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yea for YouTube!

For years I've been trying to locate this movie I loved as a child in the '80s. It's been difficult to find it because the only thing I could remember about the movie was this:

"It was animated, the characters were animals, and I believe there was a cat who was a witch. The main animal could be transported by the wind, I think there was east wind and a west wind. I remember a scene in the beginning where there is either some sort of deer or unicorn lying in the forest, maybe. I think the main character meets some sort of hedgehog character on an island."

I was reminded of the movie again when Whitney at Pop Candy Blog (a v. cool site) posted a link to a collection of forgotten animated movies.

It wasn't on there, but I posted the above description in the comments.

It turns out that this movie is more popular than you might think, because someone posted this comment a few comments before mine: "My favorite animated and forgotten film that was not on the list: UNICO!!! That was one great movie."

After seeing my vague description, the person wrote: "@turtle: zomg! see my previous post! I think you're talking about UNICO!!! I <3 Unico."

And indeed we were thinking of the same movie! How random.

I had found it before that person's comment, though, because I searched YouTube for "witch cat." That was my exact search. And the first link that popped up? Unico - "Witch Cat Chao" (aka Katy), which is a scene from the movie!

I can't believe so many people loved this movie!

AND YOU CAN WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE!: Fantastic Adventures of Unico!

I am so excited.


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Steve sculpts critters said...

I use youtube and ebay for the tiny little endorphine rushes you get every time you find something you had/watched as a kid and haven't seen in ages.
Hey, check out my bronze turtle, I think you'll like it.