Sunday, June 01, 2008


Okay. I loved this week's episode of Ugly Betty so much that I had to watch it twice. I <3 Betty and Gio. Lots of tingly moments. I like Betty with Gio because she has fun with him; with Henry it's just too stressful. Plus, he's so uptight.

Mom says I need a "Gio." Ha. I am rather like Betty, though.

Today, the parents and I visited several wineries. First, we went to Debonne Vineyards, where a model airplane show was going on. We didn't sample there, but we bought a bottle of 2005 vintage Pinot Gris. Debonne has a line of bottles that feature artwork celebrating various neighborhoods in Cleveland, like University Circle, Warehouse District and Tremont. We bought the one with the East 4th Street label, but only because that one was on sale!

Debonne holds a hot air balloon festival June 6-7, so we'll be going to that.

Our next stop was Virant Family Winery in Harpersfield Township. This winery is now my favorite winery. We sampled six wines here and had an appetizer.

Their wine, White Silk? Amazing. It smells like you've stepped out into a vineyard, and it tastes just like you're eating green grapes off of the vine. I had a bottle of that wine already at home, so I bought Blazzin' Blackberry (which you can only buy at the winery or online) and a bottle of Chiffon.

At every other winery, there's usually at least one wine where that first sip makes you pull a face at the acid, where the first sip is rough. Especially red wines. But not at Virant. Every wine was pleasing to taste. I even liked - heck, loved, their Red Silk, and I don't normally like red wines.

But I also liked the relaxing, unpretentious atmosphere. It's a family-owned winery; well, that's not any different than the other wineries, but it's a lot smaller than the others in the area. I think the wine is better for it, because there's so much care that goes into each bottle. Their wine is made in more of the old-fashioned way.

The people also were nice. We chatted about the wines and Geneva, and it was a pleasant visit.

Completely unlike the horrible visit at the next winery, Harpersfield Winery.

I will never go back to this winery. Oh, don't get me wrong - the winery is beautiful inside. Huge fireplace to sit around, etc., etc. But the woman who greeted us was rude and pushy. She basically forced samples of wine on us. I felt uncomfortable. The wine wasn't that bad - it was made from a grape that not many other wineries use. My mom hated the wine, though. Just bad customer service.

Anyway, buy Ohio wines! Especially from Virant.

Since the bluegrass festival will not be held this year, I am definitely going to Vintage Ohio, which is August 1-2.


Anonymous said...

harpersfield is a lovely winery sand I have been there several times. I am certain no one "forced'
samples on you - the people that run the place just want everyone to haver a greta time - watch negative comments that border on slander when blogging - everyone likes what they like for a different reason Harpersfield makes the best wine this state has to offer from grapes they grow!
Watch your mouth lady!

Anonymous said...

Harpersfield makes the best wine in the state! No one there is
ever rude! They offer samples of their product freely - no one is

Next time go to a bar!

iWoman said...

Wow. Yes, Harpersfield Winery has a "lovely" atmosphere with its decorations, but please do not try to tell me what my experience there was like. I went there with two other people, and we *all* felt like the people working there were pushy and practically jumped on us when we walked through the door. I also know of another couple who had a negative experience.

And please look up the definition of slander. I'm allowed to say whatever I want about MY experience. Everyone *dislikes* what they dislike for their own reasons. People are allowed to say why they dislike restaurants, movies, albums, books, etc. It's called a "review" and an OPINION.

I'm glad you have had good experiences there, but I have not, and the people with me did not. And I don't need to go to a bar, because I've had pleasant experiences at all other wineries in this region. I will just go to those wineries.

If these comments are evidence of what their customers are like, then there's another reason why I will never go back to that winery.

I'm glad you like that winery, but I had a bad experience there. Maybe if I went again, I would have a better experience, but I prefer wines at other wineries. It does that winery no favors to have its customers come and act rude to me on my blog. Watch my mouth? Are you kidding me?

Happy Independence Day - just don't exercise your freedom of speech!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what nonsense! Harpersfield
has it all, wonderful wines and
the most beautiful atmosphere...... We don't want you there wino girl or whatever you call your self.... they work hard to produce only estate bottled wine! .... in a very non-commercial atmoshere ---join the great majority of cheap and sweet!
You won't find that at harpersfield! Rude and agrressive?
Where were you? It wasn't the harpersfield I know and love!
They sell out of everything they make - not bad for a small winery!

iWoman said...

Yeah. Obviously these comments are from people who work there, so...

Sarah V. said...

"Wino girl."

This is hilarious!

iWoman said...

Watch your mouth!