Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get a free DVD! Seriously.

You can use a promotional code at www.blockbuster.com that will allow you to get a free DVD - or two DVDs for cheap!

The promotional code expires Sept. 1. Use the code to get $10 off your next purchase of $10 or more on any new or previously viewed DVDs from blockbuster.com.

Use the code augappreciation

Used DVD orders have free shipping, so if you buy used DVDs and your order totals $10, you get it for free.

After many of the DVDs I wanted were unavailable for purchase (Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseries, Gone with the Wind, The Incredibles, etc.), I finally got Elf and To Kill a Mockingbird for $4.24 total.


Joshua said...

I never thought I'd see the day when Stefanie sold out.

iWoman said...

Ha. What? I like free stuff (and I cannot lie). Never bought anything else from Blockbuster, never will. Pretty sure I shouldn't be sharing the code, but I think other people deserve free stuff, too!