Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics, part deux.

If I hear an announcer use the terms "smash" or "smashing" one more time, I will smash my TV. I have heard them say that word probably 20 times.

Also, I think the announcers are a bit rude to all of the athletes, frankly. Knock it off.

During the men's gymnastics, one of the Chinese men messed up, but he smiled after his routine. The announcer was bitchy about it, said that he didn't like to see him smiling after he messed up. WTF. It's a game. People mess up, and people should try to move on and do better on the next thing. The woman who announces the girls' gymnastics is the rudest - to both the Chinese and American girls, whining about all of their the "silly" mistakes, giving away points, blah blah blah, just cutting them down. I'm sure they do better than she ever could.

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T'Abby Normal said...

I actually don't watch any TV so I haven't seen or heard any of the Olympics coverage, but I know what you mean about redundancy. It's nice for some things, like having two kidneys, but when it's on TV it's as if they don't believe we could understand a more varied vocabulary (or they are boring because they don't have one).