Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I heart Josh Lyman.

So Bradley Whitford seriously needs to star in a new show on television. Because he is that awesome.

Too bad Studio 60 got all weird and moved away from the relationship it should have been focusing on, that of Whitford's and Matthew Perry's characters (or just Whitford, that's fine with me), and started up with some stupid romances.

"Danny began working at Studio 60 as a segment producer, working his way up to become a co-executive producer. He resigned in 2002 as a display of support for the firing of his friend Matt Albie and went on to direct a critically acclaimed film penned by Matt. The two proceed to watch each other's back, Matt's decision to go back to Studio 60 is a show of support to Danny, because Danny is a recovering drug addict, Danny relapsed in 2006 after eleven years of sobriety. He tested positive for cocaine use in an insurance physical, and as a result cannot get bonded as a director until he has been drug-free for eighteen months."

So much wasted potential on that show. Whitford playing a recovering drug addict? And that friendship between the two male lead characters? I mean, come on.

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