Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Palin says: "We've got a toxic mess on Main Street that's affecting Wall Street."

Nice to know that no candidate in this election supports "gay marriage." / sarcasm


sarah said...

Yeah, what's up with not supporting "gay marriage"? I guess that's a shout-out to religious nuts.

I hate those commentators after the debate. Some actually said Palin had done well. Well... at not answering questions?

I like how she attempted to reassure everyone that her and McCain will do this and that with absolutely no specifics. Just rest assured everyone will be taken care of.

iWoman said...

I believe Obama and Biden believe in extending the same rights to gay couples, but just not calling it "marriage."

I think that's bull shit. Religion does not have a monopoly on marriage. People need to start realizing that it's not churches and religion that make marriage legal. You can get married in a church and, guess what, that marriage ain't valid until you get a license from the GOVERNMENT. It's the state that makes the marriage legal - not the church. So let's stop allowing the religious right to dictate what "marriage" is.

Yeah, Sarah Palin completely avoided so many questions. Thank you, Gwen Ifil, for being a worthless moderator.

I try to avoid the commentators. It's obvious they are out of touch with the American people - just look at all the polls and focus groups! Overwhelmingly, people thought Biden stomped on Palin. I think it's good to see that the American people are finally caring about SUBSTANCE over style - the media is still focused on style.

Plus, those people are getting paid to spin it a certain way. The closer the race is, the more money the media makes.

Anyway, I love Joe Biden.