Saturday, October 11, 2008

There's a young man who works for Obama's office in my county.

He's not from around here, he's away from his friends and family, just one of those campaign workers who go wherever they're needed.

I've seen him several times walking the streets and sidewalks, always in a different city or village in this county. I imagine he's going door to door, trying to let people know why they should vote for Obama.

I've seen him walking in the rain without an umbrella; I've seen him walking on a sidewalk-less road. I've seen him try to convince people to sign up as campaign volunteers.

I'm just really amazed at his dedication. Knocking on people's doors - that's hard work. Because you can bet that half the people do not appreciate that. But he's trying to reach at least one more voter.

I'd like to volunteer, but I can't because of my employment. I would never go door to door, but I wouldn't mind making phone calls.

This is another reason why I don't see myself doing what I do as a career.

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