Thursday, December 11, 2008

"I wanna roll around like a kid in the snow"

I think the Brat is in love with an opossum.

My evidence:

--Twice the opossum has been spotted sleeping and/or eating on the front porch.
--For the past week or so, the Brat has been acting weird at night. Usually, he stays in through the night and gets let out when someone gets up for work around 6 a.m. Now he is waking me up at three in the morning (lots of thanks) to be let out. When he gets on the porch, he starts meowing this awful sound, like he's calling someone. He's never done that before. And when I tapped the window at him one time, he looked at me guiltily - I swear! - and ran who knows where.
--He's all wore out, ragged, and sleepy when he comes inside in the morning and afternoon.

Okay. That's all I have. But I'm so right.

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