Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm watching the 20 greatest Christmas songs on NBC. This show is effing ridiculous.

Number 19 is "Jingle Bell Rock" by Julianne Hough, that chick from Dancing with the Stars who thinks she's a country singer. I'm sorry, but a song that came out THIS YEAR and sung by someone only five people know is not one of the greatest Christmas songs.

This show is basically an advertisement, and the singers prob. paid to have their songs on the list.

Completely RIDICULOUS. I love Christmas songs, so I'm pretty ticked.

...Josh Groban at 18? Shoot me. And people think they're cool when they sing the lesser known versus. They're not.

Now Taylor Swift is singing "Silent Night." Now, I actually like her, but she is so off key and sounds strained. It's awful. And it is not one of the greatest Christmas songs.

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Sarah Soja said...

I hateHATEhate Josh Groban. I cringe every time I hear his music...

Oh, and I have a new blog. It's the blog to end of my other useless blogs. In other words, I've consolidated.