Friday, January 09, 2009

19-0 (at home)!

Hey, punk-ass Boston Celtics, why don't you schedule some training in good sportsmanship into your practices?

...actually, why don't you just focus on playing basketball, since you've lost seven of your last nine games?

Fourth quarter, six minutes left in the game, Cavs player Ben Wallace is NOWHERE NEAR THE BALL, when the Celtics deliberately foul him.


Because the Cavs are kicking their ass, and Wallace has one of the worst free-throw percentages in the game. The Celtics want to foul him and hope he misses so they can catch up.

They go on to do this four more times.

Wallace makes five out of the 10 free throws. We'll take that. Cavs gets the rebound on one of the misses, and LeBron makes a basket. (Although, on one of the fouls, LeBron had just made a three pointer, so it didn't count.)

But, come. One time, okay. Doing it five times? Four of them for four Cavs' possessions in a row? That is bullshit.

Celtics, you have no class.

("The chant here in Cleveland is 'overrated.'" - announcer on ESPN)

Cavs, 98
Celtics, 83


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