Monday, January 30, 2006

Arctic Monkeys = Overrated.

What is the big effing deal with this band Arctic Monkeys? First of all, I hate people declaring crap like "highest-grossing film" or "fastest-selling album" because those figures are bullshit. They (most of them) don't figure in inflation or population numbers or etc. Of course a popular movie today is going to make more money than a popular movie 50 years ago! Idiots. It's called economics.

Anyway. I read that this band's new album "is already called the best British album of all time."

I call bullshit. Even if they are good, that statement is way premature and whoever is saying it must have low standards. The best? Not hardly.

Anyway, I listened to some of their songs and at first I was not that impressed. The lead singer's voice made me want to bash my effing head against the wall so I would pass out and not have to listen anymore. And don't give me some bullshit that I must not like rock or British bands, because I like plenty of both.

However, to my horror, his voice grew on me to the point where I did enjoy some of the songs. I would listen to them again, but only on their myspace account. I wouldn't buy the album.

Nevertheless there's a lot of hype over a band that ain't that great. I wouldn't call their style innovative or ground-breaking. It sounds like good, but recycled, '70's music. In three years, no one will remember who this overrated, fad band is. Their type of music doesn't last. So there.


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