Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hoodrats and Pretentious Posers.

I'm a nice person, really, but sometimes people might not get that from the angry posts on here. Yes, I rant and get angry about things, but it's only because I know how to call people on their bullshit.

I have some bullshit to discuss today.

The other day I was browsing some blogs on the Internet, and one post had a photo of some actor from the Harry Potter movies in hip hop regalia. This boy had on a pimped out collar, lots of jewelry, etc.

A commenter to this picture said: "Hahahaha hoodrat![name]!"

Things like this raise my blood pressure. A person should never bring the slang unless they know how to use it. Especially don't try and use hip hop slang if you're clueless, because it's insulting to the entire culture and obvious that you are a poser.

This person clearly had no understanding of hip hop culture. And how do I know that?

Because "hoodrat" ONLY REFERS TO WOMEN.

A definition of "hoodrat" is "Female, generally sexually promiscuous, and not upwardly mobile."


Little boys playing dress up in hip hop clothing also annoy me. Especially spoiled, rich, little white boys. I have seen other actors from those Harry Potter movies go around thinking they're Eminem (read: Tom Felton, who can't act, by the way), and it's irritating. These boys have no concept of the hip hop culture, and they can like the music, fine, I do, too, but don't try and pretend that you are hip hop or that you have any understanding of where these people come from. You don't. You're just a little poser trying to shake up your pampered little life. These people are from the streets; you're from suburbia, or something like it.

I hate posers in general, though. I hate when people pretend to be something they're not. There's another reason why I shouldn't read blogs unless I'm in the mood to get angry.

I hate, hate, hate when I see people online I know to be American use British spellings (i.e., "colour," "favourite," etc.) Ugh. That is one of my biggest pet peeves ever. They're clearly trying to be "cool" and "hip." They aren't. They're just embarrassing themselves and revealing themselves to be the fake, pretentious posers they are. And then I just laugh hysterically when they try to explain it with something like "Well, I write stories that take place in England, so the spellings have became automatic." I call bullshit. Do you spell words like that at work or school? I DIDN'T THINK SO. So get a life. If I ever become a teacher, it will be my policy that any sort of pretentious shit like that will result in an automatic zero. Booyah.

Speaking of careers, I'd probably fire most of the people I know online if they ever worked for me. Way too many people get on the Internet during business hours and post things like "I should be working..." Whoa. The business minor in me is SHRIEKING at the loss of productivity. You get paid to work, people, not go online and read mediocre porn or play Soduko (although, I encourage you to play it any other time).

I'm out, kids.

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