Thursday, May 25, 2006

_American Idol_.


Yes, I watch American Idol sometimes. I'm not ashamed. And I'm glad I watched it last night, because rarely have I seen anything so funny as Clay Aiken joining his "impersonator" on stage.

During the try-outs for American Idol, one kid proclaimed he was "the next Clay Aiken." Of course, his singing was terrible and he is, by most anyone's account, a geek. Last night he won a "Best Impersonation" award.

Ryan Seacrest asked him to sing, he said he would, and he started singing--v., v. horribly, but the audience cheered for him, because America loves underdogs who get to fulfill their dreams. Then they started cheering v. loudly, and the kid was, like, "Who, me?" because he didn't realize that Clay Aiken had just entered the stage behind him!

Aiken just kind of looked at him for a moment (what a good sport he is!) and then the kid noticed him--omg! Seriously the best shocked reaction ever. I think that kid prob. peed his pants. He was crazy shaking and saying things like "Oh wow" and I just about fell off the couch for laughing so hard. That kid was in so much shock and awe...and Clay Aiken is such an example of how anyone can become famous, because he was that kid (in looks, anyway) before American Idol, except he could sing.

But you know that was probably the best moment of that kid's life, getting to sing on stage with Clay Aiken. Gives you a bit off a warm fuzzy feeling to see people so happy. And, whoah. Clay Aiken sure looks different!

Watch the video here. Or at this post, if it works.

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