Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Why is it so hot?!

I'm a huge dork, if you didn't already know. I've been playing Super Mario World for Super Nintendo the past few days. I've beaten it completely, including all of the secret levels, which I had never done before, so yea!, I'm proud and excited. But now I need more games to play! We only ever had Super Mario World, because we rented the rest. Super Nintendo has always been my favorite system. I don't know where I can buy games, though! I checked the place at the mall, but nope. Sad. : (

I tried playing regular, original Nintendo, but it messes up every five minutes. I broke out my Game Boy and beat Kirby's Dream Land, no exaggeration, about fifteen minutes. I started on Kirby's Dream Land 2, but that screen is so hard to see on! I love Kirby, though. I need to find that game for SNES! Oohh, you know what other game I want? Zelda! I loved that thing. And Donkey Kong! And etc.!!


Nick said...

There are places all over Cleveland that I saw that sell old game systems and their games. I noticed a LOT of Clevelanders play old skool games. Not sure why. Seriously, almost everyone I know has a NES or SNES. Not sure why. I think it is a requirment to be in your early 20's and live in Cleveland.

Stefanie said...

Oh, really? Cool. I guess I need to go to Cleveland, then! Everyone has them because they are FUN! Play Station II, etc. are too complicated for me! Haha.

Nick said...

Well Sarah said you wanted to hang out with us, when you do we can make sure we go to a record exchange store and buy some. There are about $5 a piece.