Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Super Mechanic = Me.

I'm so proud of myself! Today I fixed a car problem all by myself (after my parents told me what to do, anyway...)!

That dumb "BRAKE" light was showing on my dash again, and it probably meant that I was out of brake fluid. So I popped the hood (let's not mention that I couldn't get it open until my parents told me there was a latch I had to find first--NOT the latch inside the car, I'm not *that* dumb, but one underneath the hood itself, which, actually, was a bit difficult to do because I thought I might smash my fingers....), propped it up with that rod, and poured the brake fluid inside its container!

Yeah, yeah, it's prob. v. easy, but I had never done anything fix-ish with my car, so I felt proud. The "BRAKE" light is off...but it still says "CHECK ENGINE."

...check this, you effing car.

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