Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wasted Energy.

So last week I noticed a $99 charge on my Victoria's Secret card. I don't think I've ever bought one item in my life for that much money (iPod mini and TV excluded), so I was irritated and a bit pissed off because do I have time for that crap? No.

So I called Victoria's Secret, all spoiling for a fight. I said to the woman: "My bill is showing a $99 charge that I never made and I don't want it on there and I'd like it taken off, please."

I said that politely, because I like to give people a chance first, but I was prepared for them to be all "We aren't taking it off [blah blah blah]" and I was prepared to come back with "Do you seriously want to mess with me, bia? Because I am so not backing down and handing over my entire life savings without even getting something in return!" Okay, not those exact words, but I would be expressing the same sentiment (minus vulgarity) .

But she says: "Okay, we'll take that charge off your card and credit your account."


Like I said, I was spoiling for a fight. But they were just going to take the charge off, no problem! So what do you do with all of that pent up aggression and frustration when people just give in?! I was just left sitting there, thinking: "Um."

Actually, I had to call another number to get the whole thing settled. So it was a hassle. And I do hate hassles.

The woman there asked me at one point: "So where are you calling from?"

I was confused, because that's kind of a vague, weird way to ask a question, (the "so" makes it sound like she is chatting me up!) so I said: " dorm room?"

And she started laughing hysterically and said she meant what state was I calling from and she must have been in a call center and I heard her tell whoever was sitting next to her "She just said she's calling from her dorm room!"

...I had to laugh, too.

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