Sunday, June 25, 2006


I have my first interview on Thursday! Ack. Actually, I'm not sure if it's an interview or just the assesment test I have to do that day. Either way, ack!

I've never really driven much to anywhere, so yesterday the parents and I got directions from Map Quest and took a test drive over there...My dad drove. We were in the car for, seriously, about five hours! Because we drove there one way, then drove back another, and my mom thought the way back seemed easier, so we drove to the place from the way we went home, then we had to drive back again. Urgh! Too much time in the car.

So I have to drive there on Thursday, and my mom has decided to come with me. Because she's paranoid like that. Can you even imagine the two of us trying to drive to Cleveland! I told her she better not even stress me out while I'm trying to drive, she harasses me even on a drive to town!, because I will be stressed out enough with having to take an exam. I thought I was done with those!

I've been bringing the Brat inside of the house a lot lately. Have I mentioned this? Oh, he's driving me insane. He keeps wanting to go to the very places he knows he's not allowed to be, such as upstairs and in my parents' bedroom. He hasn't gone to the bathroom while inside yet, so that's a good thing. The only time he behaves is if he's sleeping, I swear. This morning he left me a present of a dead mole on the porch, so that was lovely.


Nick said...

He is just showing you how much he loves you. A mouse is roses, a mole is the equivalent to a box of chocolates. Before long he will drag a rat (the engagement ring.)

So where at in Cleveland are you going to be working?

Stefanie said...

Well, I'm not working there. I just have an interview! I don't know how well I'll do on this test, or even if I like the job (and pay). But the place is in Independence.

The Brat left a field mouse on the porch last week, so I guess the ring must be next! Haha.

Nick said...

Where are you going to get married. As far as the working part I was just thinking that after I sent that! DOH!

Stefanie said...

Well, you were just being optimistic!

Nick said...

About the marriage part or about the job? ;-P couldn't resist!

[.chickadees.on.the.pavemen7] said...

Woohoo! Let me know how the interview went. I'm moving on Saturday-- you can stay with me to look for jobs if you want--you wouldn't be mooching at all! Independence is by Parma... the lower west-side. You prob. know that.

Yo yo! I found a place that wants freelancers. I'm gonna give it a try, but I'm gonna try to get both of us on board. When you come to Lakewood, I'll introduce you the editor.

Stefanie said...

You're moving already? I guess it is the 26th already. Great that you got the apartment--was it your first choice?

What am I going to do all by myself in J-Town! :(

I'm kind of worried about the interview. It's some kind of test-thing, and I don't know how good I'll do.

Yeah, even if I get the job in Independence, I don't think I'd live there--there aren't many apartments and the ones there are kind of expensive because Independence has a lot of wealthy people. There's some surrounding towns there, though. But I don't even know if I like the job, or if it will be offered, so I guess I won't worry too much yet.

Wow! Good luck with the freelancing thing. Did you go to that conference thing?

Nick said...

Good luck! :D Have fun when you get to move! :D

Nick said...

Oh and who is helping you move I wonder about that poor sucker!

Nick said...

Oh hey what was the name of the place anyway? And lakewood and the surrounding area is fairly cheap.

Perhaps the test is something you can pass easily. A lot of them you go, "hey that's not fair" as you freak out. At least the job-related tests I have taken. They aren't like school tests, it may be time based. You may just need to stop, "Breath-in Breath-out" and relax.

If you can get the job, it wouldn't hurt to just take it. That way you can start your life out in Cleveland and if a better job comes in two-weeks - oh well, at least you had that job in the meantime. They won't kill you if you quit :D

It happens a lot, and is actually common to quite after the first few weeks of work as a better job offer comes. When I started my job at progressive about 4 people quit with better job offers.

Stefanie said...

I don't feel like I should type the name of the place in. I don't want them to know about this blog!

Yeah, if they offer it to me, I think I will accept, even though I had hoped for better pay. : ( But! There are opportunities for advancement.