Monday, June 12, 2006


At one of my old blogs, I was able to upload a bunch of icons to use with my posts. Blogger doesn't have that feature. We just get one icon. :( But here are some icons that I used, because maybe I'll just do the coding myself and occassionally stick one in a post! You may notice that all of the "titles" I gave the pictures are from songs (except the first and last ones). I used to have more Vivien Leigh ones, but I think they're lost. More turtles, too, come to think of it. : ( Animal photos are from Getty Images.

Turtle Island

Into the Blue

Such Great Heights

Learning to Fly

We're Going to Be Friends

Don't Panic

Can't Smile Without You

Case of You / Take My Breath Away

Building a Mystery

Fool of Me / Me, Myself, and I

You're Not Entitled to Your Opinion


Nick said...

The dilbert comic seems random but random is good :D

Stefanie said...

Haha. I just think Dilbert is hilarious, esp. that panel. :)

[.chickadees.on.the.pavemen7] said...

I may be a Gemini, but you are just strange.

Stefanie said...

I try.