Monday, June 12, 2006

Latest Book, Black Squirrels, and Etc.


((le soja)) loaned me Pepper Pike by Les Roberts to read. I'm not generally a detective-mystery fan, but this series is unique in that it takes place in Cleveland--and how. There are so many details about Cleveland, so much Cleveland "mind set," that I had to enjoy the book. If it hadn't been placed in Cleveland, I'm not sure that I'd bother reading anymore in the series--not because it wasn't well written, but because I'm just not a fan of the detective novel style, generally. Anyone homesick for Cleveland should def. read it, too--just remember that the series was started in the late '80s!

And, oh, The Absurd Pickle Jar asked about my black squirrel photos. I was studying outside last spring at my college, and I see a little baby black squirrel coming down from the tree. I start making baby talk at it--it's so cute--and it suddenly comes running toward me! I was a bit freaked out, actually. I thought it'd bite me or something. But no. It sat on my blanket, and I tentatively touched its tail. And when it didn't attack me, I pet it. And it wanted to lay in my lap and cuddle by me--seriously. It actually fell asleep on my Management book--it found it as boring as I did--so I just covered it with a page and kept on studying.

The Absurd Pickle Jar is posting novel fragments on his blog. Possibly his productivity will inspire me to start working on my "fragments," too! No other job is coming along--might as well be a failed novelist, too! ; )


Stefanie said...

test test test

Nick said...

A failed novelist is better than soeone who never attempted it. It is like a college drop out. :D

Stefanie said...

I suppose that's a way of looking at it!