Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fun (and sad) Things.


If you get the Plain Dealer, open to the back page of the PDQ section and look at the bottom cartoon and its captions.


I was shocked when I saw they had selected mine. I just sent it in as a joke last Sunday, and I had completely forgotten it until I read the newspaper this morning.

If you don't get the newspaper, here's the cartoon at the website, but the winning entries aren't up yet.

My caption:

    "Dracula had no way of knowing if he looked hot for his big date."
I bought three SNES games yesterday: Legend of Zelda, The Lion King, and Toy Story. V. fun. Well, Zelda is. I haven't played the other two yet.


The Brat killed one of the baby bluejays this morning. : (


Nick said...

Hope I didn't scare you the other day. So did you go to the place by Phoenix, I think it is called Exchange to get the games?

Stefanie said...

Yeah, that's where I went. I've been to Exchange before, they are all over NE Ohio. Good little place, but I was surprised that some of the SNES games were around $15! I got a couple $2.50 ones, and Zelda was $10, but I do love Zelda.

And haha, you were a bit overwhelming.

Nick said...

Haha - yeah I was in a unsmooth and weird mood. My apologies for being overwhelming . :D