Friday, June 09, 2006


I was bird watching this morning, and I noticed that two bluejays were acting weird. I can't describe why I thought they were acting weird; it was instinct on my part. I got out the binoculars, and what did I spy hopping around the base of a tree but two fat little baby bluejays! They were adorable. (The Brat was with me own the porch, so I had to make sure he didn't notice them. I think the parents would have pecked him to death, though.) I don't know if they fell out of the nest or if the parents decided it was time for them to fly or what. I was v. concerned about the little babies. The kept hopping up the trunk of the trees and flying off--but they only could fly a few feet. And then one went in the ditch. Oy vey. The parents were looking out for them--they attacked any bird that went near the trees they were around, etc. Bluejays in general are mean little things. I had to go get ready inside to leave, and when I came back out, the little babies weren't in the yard (or ditch!) anymore, so I am assuming (and hoping) they made it back up the tree.

And shit. I was looking at templates the other day, and checking them out on my blog, and I swear I didn't "save changes," but for some reason my blog-look has changed, and all my sidebar info and links are gone! Aah! And I still can't get the one I want to work.

And oh--the other day when we were finding out info about renting a pontoon boat at Pymatuning Valley? Guess who rented one for the day, and were just pushing offshore? A family of Amish! On a pontoon boat! Who would ever think you'd see that? It was quite the picture.


Nick said...

I grew up in Amish country it isn't unusual since they are not owning the boat. Or knowing the Amish they will paddle the boat down the stream.

Stefanie said...

Well, I don't think it's something people see every day, esp. since they rented it. They didn't paddle it. It had a motor, and was on a lake.