Thursday, June 22, 2006

Literature Online.

If you can't find a novel at the library, you can read literature online at different websites. Obviously these websites mostly house classics, not modern novels. But the classics are better anyway! But how cool! Sometimes libraries don't have the lesser works of authors, so these sites are useful.

Some of my favorite online literature sites:

Other sites:


Nick said...

Bartleby is really great! I like Project Gutenberg becasue they have some greek works that I got for them for free during college. :D

Stefanie said...

Yes, all v. useful for college!

Nick said...

Dear god the, internet makes me look realy stooopid becaue well I never check what I have typed! Dear god!

Stefanie said...

I see that.

"realy" and "becaue"? ; )

Nick said...

Haha :D Yeah, I just tend to put good syntax and spelling behind. :D