Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Webcam Obsession.

During the school year, I was obsessed with watching a webcam of Pete's Pond in Africa, through National Geographic. I'd watch for elephants, zebras, crocodiles, etc. to come to the pond. It was so exciting! I know it's basically just like watching any wildlife show, but it was real time. The webcam was taken off for the rainy season, and I could no longer watch it. : (

But now National Geographic has a webcam that allows you to watch grizzly bears come to a pond in Alaska! Awesome. I haven't seen any bears yet, though. : (

There are tons of animal webcams out there. Panda bears are on the cover of National Geographic this month--so cute!--and you can watch panda beasr, cheetas, gorillas, kiwis, TIGERS, etc. webcams at the National Zoo's website. Baby tigers! I want to squeeze them.

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Nick said...

Any Bears Yet?

Nick said...

I decided to change the purpose of my blog - anyway to change the part before blogspot?

Stefanie said...

Log in.
Hit "Change Settings."
Hit "Publishing" (under the "Settings" tab)
The first option says: "Blog*Spot Address: http://[youraddress]
Subject to availability."

You can change it in that box, where it says "absurdpickle" now. Remember to click "Save Settings" when done.

I haven't seen any bears because I never get a chance on the Internet much anymore!

Nick said...

Sweet! Thank you!

Nick said...

My new URL: