Tuesday, August 22, 2006

K-Fed and Dumb iMac.

So I watched part of this teen award show the other night.

Kevin Federline performed.

...I've been listening to a lot of indie/non-mainstream music lately anyway, but if Kevin Federline ever has a hit song, I swear I will stop listening to the radio, full stop.

So bad. So v. bad.

A-n-d my iMac is really getting on my nerves. Every once in a while it seems to randomnly delete some of my application files. Mysteriously all of my games, calendar, fonts, etc. disappeared today. I had to re-install Panther, which is effing annoying because then all of the applications revert to the old ones, so I have to download the updates, but I can't on this s-l-o-w modem, and then I have the previous system files that won't delete and sdgjldflg;lfl. People always say Macs have no problems, but that's a lie. I've had many problems with mine (but I still love it, I just don't think they're perfect and/or superior). If I ever get a laptop, because of these random problems, and because NO applications work on Macs unless you're willing to pay $50 more, and because Mac users have chips on their shoulders, I'm getting a PC again.

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