Friday, November 03, 2006

"Letters to God end up in ocean, unread"

Letters to God end up in ocean, unread

This story made my heart hurt. I think it's beautiful and sad. I think someone should compile these together and publish them—with the writers listed as anonymous, of course.

    He opened a few with his son, Rocky, on the beach. The first few were humorous.

    "I'm still praying to hit the lottery twice: first the $50,000," one man wrote. "Than after some changes have taken place let me hit the millionaire."

    Another asked God to make a certain someone "leave me alone and stay off my back," while still another asks God to calm a woman who "call the Internal Revenue on me."

    One woman complained that her husband always talks about sex, and another writer anonymously dropped a dime to God on someone cheating on his wife, complete with dates, times and locations.

    But those, Lacovara soon found, were the exception.

    Many more were written by anguished spouses, children or widows, pouring out their hearts to God, asking for help with relatives who were using drugs, gambling or cheating on them. One man wrote from prison, saying he was innocent and wanted to be back home with his family. A woman wrote that her boyfriend was now closing the door to her daughter's bedroom each night when it used to stay open, and wondered why.

    A teenager poured out her heart on yellow-lined paper in the curlicue pencil handwriting of a schoolgirl, begging God to forgive her and asking for a second chance.

    "Lord, I know that I have had an abortion and I killed one of your angels," she wrote. "There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about the mistake I made."

    One unwed mother wrote that her baby was due in four weeks, and asked God to make the father fall in love with her and marry her so the child would have a father.
However, I don't like how the man who found the letters is exploiting them by putting them on Ebay.


[.chickadees.on.the.pavemen7] said...

Did you ever see this one book.. i forget the name but it's full of postcards that were given to people + the people were told to write anything (i think that's how it goes..). Some are silly and others are really deep. Some people really used it as an opportunity to divulge their secrets.

Stefanie said...

Are you referring to Post Secret? It's also a blog, I think. I've made a post about it in the past. Some of the postcards were incredibly sad and actually upset me!