Thursday, November 09, 2006

Midterm Election.

Yea, my personal ad has been filled!

How thrilled am I with the election results? I feel like the rug will be pulled from underneath me any moment. I don't think I've ever experienced my candidate winning before! What a strange feeling, to be ahead. I'm so excited about Strickland and Brown. The US will prob. be in gridlock for two years, but at least that means Bush won't inflict more crap on us!

I can't wait until January for the smoke-free bars and restaurants!

A new woman Speaker of the House? I loved Pelosi long ago.

Some annoying correspont on CNN this morning said that the Democrats will have a lot of "rhetoric" and no action. Okay. It's not "rhetoric" if a group actually tries to accomplish something but CAN'T because they don't have a 2/3rds majority to override any Bush-veto.

And may I just say that I told lame duck Mike DeWine back in September 2005 that he should look for a new job?

That journal entry:, my favorite political blog, issued an Action Alert on the Dirty Bomb 54, 54 US Senators who "KILLED legislation establishing an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate what went so horribly wrong with Hurricane Katrina."

    I called and e-mailed my senators, DeWine and Voinovich, the shits, last night. I called again this afternoon because I wanted to talk to a real person.

    A DeWine staffer sent me to another staffer, the one "who handled that." But that person wasn't in, so I could only leave a message. I said how disappointed I was, how 76% of Americans support it, as well as 64% Republicans, and how the panel the Republicans wanted wasn't bipartisan if Republicans outnumbered Democrats on it.

    And then I wished DeWine good luck on finding a new job in November 2006, when we vote him out of office.

    I then called Voinovich. The staffer gave me this reason as to why Voinovich voted against it: "it was illegally attached to an appropriations amendment." The staffer called it a "technicality."

    I told him I didn't buy that reason. I then asked, if that were the real reason, if V. was going to look into an independent investigation in the future. Staffer said V. hadn't taken a position yet.

    I told him about that 76% of Americans supported an independent investigation, including 64% of Republicans.

    Staffer: "I'll be sure to pass that information on to him, miss."

    I said (sarcastic), "Yeah, I'm sure you will."

    He then hung up on me.
Go me!

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