Friday, November 10, 2006


1) I read this blurb for a book this morning: "When America was attacked on 9/11, its citizens almost unanimously rallied behind its new, untested president as he went to war." (Blurb for The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Frank Rich, which actually I think I might be interested in reading, as the rest of the blurb reads "What they didn't know at the time was that the Bush administration's highest priority was not to vanquish Al Qaeda but to consolidate its own power at any cost. As only he can, acclaimed New York Times columnist, Frank Rich, delivers a step-by-step chronicle of how skillfully the White House built its house of cards and how the institutions that should have exposed these fictions, the mainstream news media, were too often left powerless by the administration's relentless attack machine, their own post-9/11 timidity, and an unending parade of self-inflicted scandals.")

2) I heard someone remark on The View (shh!) yesterday about how everyone is acting like they were always against the war, but how this commenter remembered how everyone was for it at the time.

What the hell. Not once did I ever support George Bush. 9/11 did not make me rally behind him. I was always against the war. I got harassed a lot for it, too. And my parents were never for either, too. And some of my friends were against it, too. So I don't know what the heck is with this belief that at one point in time everyone supported Bush and/or the war in Iraq. Because there were always people against both. We were just made to feel like second-class citizens at the time. But we were there. So no. Don't act like everyone is against the war now just because we're sick of American soldiers dying, because now it's the popular belief, because we're "losing," because we finally got smart, etc. That's just insulting.

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