Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's raining, which normally I would like except Mom and I were planning on riding our bikes tonight. Ah, well.

Today this adorable, old British man came to my work. The office is closed to the public, but I heard him knocking on the door, so I let him in and asked, can I help you? He said something like, "I hope you can. I was wondering if there's anything left of (name of famous short story author from my town), here, about his life."

I recognized the name of the author, but I doubt many people around here know who he is. His family actually started the place where I work, I believe. We read some of his short stories in high school, and I think one of his homes is still standing.

Anyway, I told the man how to walk to the library, because that would prob. be the most helpful place for him to go.

So off he went, and I was left wondering if the library was any help! It was near the time I got off from work, so I finished up and went to the library to see if he was still there, ha. He was - he was sitting at a desk with one of the librarians, and they were pouring over several books, looking stuff up. I don't think these books are normally on the shelves. Anyway, I asked, so they were able to help you? And he was happy and said they were getting along fine, or something to that effect.

Anyway. I guess that was a rather pointless retelling, but I was curious to find if he was able to find information on the author! It would have bothered me. So often we don't find out the results of things.

Yesterday I bought a print of "Girl at Mirror" by Normal Rockwell (see here).

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