Thursday, June 05, 2008

Me, of Arcadia.

Freaking hell. People with my level of paranoia do not need this.

So this morning I woke up, went to fix the Internet connection, and I notice that there is a frickin' bug, like, stuck to my skin. At first I didn't know what it was. So I just pulled it off, which was not like brushing off a fly or something - it was, like, hanging on.

And I looked at the bug, and I had never seen one up close before, but I thought, shit, that looks like a tick. So I looked it up on wikipedia, which is my bestest online friend, apart from YouTube.

So now I'm all paranoid I'm going to have Lyme disease, because I remember in an episode of Joan of Arcadia, who talked to God, that a story developed that people said she was crazy and thought she could talk to God because she was bitten by a tick and had Lyme disease.

Anyway, I don't see any bite marks, though. So maybe it hadn't bitten me yet, and even if it did, I'm sure Lyme disease is very rare.

I guess symptoms don't show for, like, 24 hours, so I'll let you know if I start to hallucinate that I can talk to God or whatever. Or maybe I won't be able to tell - and you'll have to tell me if I start sounding crazy.

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