Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Oh, the Republicans can pretend in public that they like the pick of Sarah Palin, but you know they're really as irritated as the rest of us.

As a segment with Chuck Todd ended today, Republican consultant Mike Murphy and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan - both conservatives - were caught on a live mic ridiculing the choice of Sarah Palin.

"It's over," said Noonan.

She then responded to a question of whether Palin is the most qualified Republican woman McCain could have chosen.

"The most qualified? No. I think they went for this - excuse me - political bullshit about narratives," she said. "Everytime Republicans do that - because that's not where they live and it's not what they're good at, they blow it."

Murphy said, "The greatness of McCain is no cynicism, and this is cynical."


Joshua said...

Sarah Palin's notes from tonight's speech:

- I'm just a hockey mom like you.

- Attack Obama.

- John McCain is awesome!

- I'm a hockey mom.

- Attack Obama.

- John McCain would make a good president.

- People say I don't have experience, but Obama sucks!

- Attack Obama.

- Praise John McCain.

- Close with an attack on Obama.

iWoman said...

Yeah. I'm sick of people calling her a "hockey mom" as if that entitles her to be vice president. Who gives a fuck if she's a hockey mom? What does that even mean, that her kids play hockey? Whoah. I guess 2/3rds of the American population are now qualified to be vice president. Actually, they're not, because only 50 people play hockey down in the lower 48.

She's quite vile, really. I can't imagine how that speech could get her any new fans. Basically all she did was lie and attack Obama.

See, McCain hardly knows what the Internet is, so he doesn't understand that people can easily look up for themselves that she's a liar McLiar about being a "reformer" and that she CAMPAIGNED for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it.

And how dare the Republicans mock community organizers! Without community organizers, nothing would move forward in this country.

They're really sick. That whole convention is creepy and desperate.

Joshua said...

Yeah, the two things that got me the most was the way she blatantly lied about the Bridge to Nowhere and her unprovoked attacks on community organizers. I'm a community organizer. She insulted me personally. What did I do? Fuck her. I help clean up all the shit after her party, and for very little money at that. I'm proud of what I do. I think this just clearly shows how little the Republicans understand and care for the struggling people of this nation. They have absolutely no idea what I and many other people just like me go through to help those in need.

iWoman said...

Yeah. I'm baffled that her speech is getting so much love from the mainstream media today. But I guess we all know that they will all lie on camera anyway.

Maybe the Republican base liked this speech, but, again, I can't think it has won her any new voters or independents.

She was VERY sarcastic and rude, and people don't like that. And attacking "community organizers"? Just weird. She wouldn't even have the right to vote or "run" for vice president if it weren't for community organizers.

I really, really don't like her. I feel physically repulsed by her.

Joshua said...

I hate to self advertise, but...

I started a blog solely for the post that is contained therein. Thank you, Sarah Palin, for the inspiration.

Check it out:

iWoman said...

I don't care if you self advertise! You should blog more often.