Monday, September 01, 2008

The family and I went to the Great Geauga County Fair this Labor Day weekend (and that is the official name!).

We always go to the Democrat booth to get stickers, signs, and the like. No signs this year! Bummer. And we had to pay for stickers and buttons, when usually they're free.

I did buy some buttons, mine just says "Obama '08" with the campaign symbol and the Web site address. My mom's says "Women for Obama" (she still prefers Hillary, but she says she was just trying to rile me up whenever she defended McCain. Palin firmly pushed her over, though.).

Anyway, mom was, like, "Let's go in the Republican tent!" With our buttons on. I was, like, no, no, we can't do that! She wanted someone to claim that McCain was for women, too, so she could argue with them, I guess (she was mostly kidding).

But we didn't go in. I'm too chicken, I guess, or too polite.

At the fair, it was $5 a bag at the library, so I shoved about 20 books in the bag! Good deal.

All in all, I had a v. nice Labor Day weekend.

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