Friday, September 12, 2008



The women on The View slaughtered John McCain today. They're better journalists than the actual media - except for Elisabeth. She's just ignorant.

I'm impressed. They shot down all of his, okay, a lot of it, bull like whoah.

Barbara pointed out that Palin sold her plane at a loss and that McCain also used the lipstick on the pig line, they pressed him to name one of her reforms and he couldn't, and they pointed out that Palin has accepted earmarks. And they called his ads lies.

They talked about separation of church and state, Roe vs. Wade. He gave some bullshit answer, and Barbara said that's an answer from someone who wants to overturn it. People in the audience were pissed when he then admitted Roe vs. Wade shouldn't have happened.

More on the interview.

I'm just impressed that they stood up to him and weren't afraid to ask him anything they felt like.


sarah said...

Jesse doesn't think any politician will overturn Roe vs. Wade because it's too much of a platform issue. It's something Reps will always always campaign for--it's their promise of "change" since they don't stand for much else (except more of the same). Not sure if he's right, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

iWoman said...

Yes, I've heard people say that before, but I disagree, for several reasons, and not just the reasons I'm typing here.

It's not a politician who will do it: it's a judge. And they're appointed for life, so what do they care about campaigning?

Another thing is that so many abortion rights have already been taken away, so even having Roe vs. Wade isn't even beneficial for many women. There's still so many hoops and hurdles. Now Bush is trying to get it so pharmacists can decline to fill birth control pills! Because birth control pills cause abortions? God. Some people need to just go to hell.

Also, politicians can ALWAYS find something else to campaign on. It's not like Roe vs. Wade has been around forever - what were they campaigning on before? If it's not one thing, it's another.