Friday, September 19, 2008

They socialize the losses; privatize the profits.

We don't have money to fix Social Security or Medicare or provide health care and take care of our veterans, but here we are bailing out effing Wall Street and MILLIONAIRES.

It's bullshit.

I did try to look at how my Roth IRA account was affected but a) I don't care much because I won't need this money for decades, so it doesn't really matter for me and b) I couldn't make any sense of it anyway.

Luckily, when my dad switched jobs, he had to wait a while to do something with his 401K from his previous employer. So right now it's sitting in the safest place possible. Whew.


sarah said...

And did you know that one in four homeless people are veterans?

Support our troops, indeed.

iWoman said...

I think I learned that from Rambo. ; )

Yeah, I know. It's proof that politicians can say anything and people will believe it, even if there's no proof to back it up.

Democrats have been way more supportive of veterans, especially the ones returning home. Yet we "hate" the troops and our country.